ZERO Booster PG for 20 + 40 - 10 mL
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ZERO Booster PG for 20 + 40 - 10 mL

Product for integration in the ratio of 1 bottle for 20 + 40 compartments

VAT included

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This product contains PG and the typical excipients of the ZERO formulation, it is used as an additive in the preparation of 20 + 40 decomposed substances. The Force value indicated on the label is the one that is reached following a mixing for a total of 60 mL.

16 g
Data sheet
Bottle material
PET transparent, distributeur, bouchon blanc Child Proof
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Subject to Italian consumption tax
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Product type
Nicotine-free booster

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