Blendfeel Toujours - K-TPD 4 mL K-TPD 10 mL  concentrated flavor 4 mL
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Toujours - K-TPD 4 mL

Toujours - K-TPD 4 mL - K-TPD system flavour (mini longfill 4+6) To be completed with 6 mL of dedicated BIY or ZERO base. Minimum sales unit: pack of 4 bottles

VAT included

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.

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ZERO - special base (6 mL)


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A refined lemon, in which the pulp and peel are blended in perfect balance, in a creamy base to accompany a thin layer of cake. A dessert always ready to give sensations to the most demanding taste buds.

Main aromas: lemon, cake, cream.

13.50 g
Data sheet
Aroma type
Synthetic single-flavour flavour
Bottle material
HDPE dark gray, TPD compliant dispenser, Child Proof cap
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Head atomizers, regenerable atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers, pods, drippers
Product type
Flavor with dedicated dilution

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