Maltzinga - Organic concentrated Flavor  20 + 40 mL
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Maltzinga - Organic concentrated Flavor 20 + 40 mL

Triple concentrated organic flavour for 20+40 long fills, dilute with 40 mL of pure or pre-mixed PG or VG in 10 mL BIY or ZERO bases.

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50 VG 50 PG NICOTINE max 3 mg/mL (40 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINA max 6 mg/mL (40 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINE max 9 mg/mL (40 ml)

50 VG 50 PG NICOTINE max 12 mg/mL (40 ml)


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Maltzinga by Blendfeel

A complex, harmonious, fragrant, unique melange. Maltzinga contains the essence of the aroma of a sweet, persistent, fruity pipe smoke. That memorable aroma that filled the rooms where the pipe rose to the rank of a natural fragrance diffuser. Describing all the aromatic characteristics of Maltzinga will always be an understatement but its tasting will amaze and leave you speechless. No words and vape!

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A name, a liquid, a myth.

Malzinga was born 6 years ago thanks to Alen Tufekcic's desire to experiment.

Alen, expert, lover, philosopher of that world that was once called Hard Vaping then evolved into the figure of the True Vapers: mesh, fine blends, resistive. . . everything that elevates the vape to pure tasting pleasure essentially at Slowvape.

The idea of ​​an all-day melange, structured with a blend of Cavendish and light tobaccos, amplified by creamy and fruity notes, notes that could recall noble pipe tobaccos was the starting point. Found in the most selected tobacco market the most suitable melange, verified in the first extractions the possibilities of development and achievement of this goal, the first extracts were born that have been shared and appreciated by enthusiasts over the years during the convivial occasions of the vape. When Alen's collaboration was structured within the Blendfeel Lab, they wanted to try to reproduce that blend that did not exist in the tobacco leaves market that can be supplied. In fact, the melange is a proprietary blend whose recipe is secret and it is not even possible to buy it to obtain an extract.

It was decided to reconstruct the melange, assembling the best leaves we had available and finding the other cultivars that seemed important to us to complete the taste. It was a long process, a gradual approach that lasted about 2 years. Extractions blends, maturations have been repeated in an exhausting way but the result has been achieved with a fidelity that has amazed us and repaid the hard work.

We are therefore arriving at the end of 2020 with an aroma that we are able to approve by dedicating the months of November and December for the last tests and detail adjustments. Today, at the dawn of 2021, we are able to offer you certain that you will be able to recognize in every vape the great research value and what is typical of this aroma. Certainly a successful challenge and certainly not the last!

130 mm
30 mm
30 mm
39 g
Data sheet
Aroma type
Organic flavor mixture
Bottle material
Transparent PET, dispenser, Child Proof black cap
Bottle content mL
Bottle capacity in mL
Recommended hardware
Atomizzatori rigenerabili, drippers
Tipo di estratto
Traditional extraction
Product containing nicotine
Possible presence in traces
Product type
Triple concentration aroma

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