Aroma di Tabacco 20+40 - Selection

These Organic Flavors are often defined as triple concentration, they are less concentrated than the traditional 10ml ones.
In the 20 + 40 proposal, the 60ml bottle contains 20ml of aroma with a concentration designed to prepare a total of 60 mL. It must therefore be completed with 40ml of neutral base with or without nicotine according to your preferences.
By composing the liquid ready to vape it is possible to obtain a level of concentration of nicotine up to 12 mg / mL with the bases BIY or up to Forza 8 using the PG-based booster ZERO. The composition of the obtainable mixture usually ranges from 50/50 to 70/30.

These blends do not require particular maturation times as the aroma is well pre-diluted in the glycolic part which is the solvent normally used.

Long LIfe

The acronym LL - Long Life means that the product has characteristics of a longer duration than normal organic-based products. It is therefore also suitable for non-regenerable vaping systems (pod - heads).

The Aroma di Tabacco SELECTION line:

The most difficult stage of the crossing in the boundless sea of tobaccos is an island where the pass is the suspension of disbelief. A landing only narrated by the most daring who have ventured there, where to find authentic distilled wonders. Here the rarest and most precious tobaccos and blends magically merge with impossible extracts: dark beer, double malt beer, bourbon whiskey and… imagination. Fantastic unexpected and where to find them.

The Tobacco Aroma (R) extracts are produced with the best tobacco leaves available on the market, the selection and research takes place meticulously and the products arrive in our production plant directly from the producers identified in the growing areas.