Concentrated flavors

10 mL concentrated flavors for the preparation of customized liquids for electronic cigarettes.

These aromas are selected and specifically tested to be used in the vape. They contain ingredients suitable for vaporization. They are food grade and comply with the strictest certification regulations.

To make do-it-yourself liquids, buy an aroma or a mixture of several aromas and pour them into premixed or do it yourself bases following the recommended dilutions in the products.

If you are an advanced user, you could prepare D.I.Y. your bases using their main ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerin and water. Then merge if you want the nicotine 10 mL BIY bases or the ZERO PG boosters to complete your eliquid.

Concentrated aromas must not be used pure, they must necessarily be diluted in the neutral base with a concentration of your choice (10% recommended).